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Name:Pamela Isley | Poison Ivy
Once a timid botanical biochemistry student, Pamela Isley was experimented on by her professor, injected with plant based poisons and toxins, almost dying and left in hospital. The night she was admitted the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, the explosion reacting with the toxins in her blood, and Pamela quickly discovered that she had developed plant-like abilities. [WIP]

Chlorokinesis: Able to manipulate and animate plants.
Pheremone Control: Able to use pheremones to seduce almost anyone.
Toxikinesis: Can create potently powerful floral toxins, often secreted from her lips and administered by a kiss. Vary from mind controlling drugs to fatal narcotics. Her skin is also toxic, though contact is usually not fatal.
Toxic Immunity: Immune to all toxins, bacteria and viruses.

Pamela Isley belongs to DC Comics and has been altered to fit into the Flash/Arrow universe. Mun and Muse are both over 18.

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